Firewall Analyzer ナレッジベース



Firewall Analyzer ver7以下



Firewall Analyzerはインストール後30日間、評価版として無償でご利用いただけますが、
30日経過後、Firewall Analyzerは自動停止し、製品ライセンスを適用するまで起動しなくなります。


1.Firewall Analyzerをアプリケーションモードで起動します。
<FWA>/bin/run.bat(Linuxの場合は、 を実行します。


(a)     Paid Subscription License: As part of your choosing subscription license for the Professiona
l or Premium or Distributed Editions of Licensed Software, ZOHO Corp. grants you a fee-bearing, none
xclusive, non-transferable, world-wide license to Use such edition of Licensed Software for internal
business purpose including user documentation that you have downloaded from or received on media pr
ovided by ZOHO Corp., including all updates, where applicable, during the period of your subscriptio
n, provided that such access and Use of the Licensed Software is in accordance with the Single Insta
llation License granted by ZOHO Corp. Details on features and functionalities provided as part of su
bscription license for the Professional and Premium Editions are available on the website www.zohoco
Press Enter to continue...  ~中略~ 複数回Enterを入力してください。

Do you accept the LICENSE AGREEMENT   (y/n)      <-- yを入力

******* REGISTRATION *******
HOST NAME IS Firewall Analyzer

Press 1 to provide the User Name and License File path
2 to  Exit
Choose an Option :: 1

Enter User Name  : ZOHO Japan Corporation <-- 弊社より送付したXMLファイル内の <UserInfo Name= の値をご参照ください。

Enter The License File path : C:/tmp/License.xml <--送付したXMLファイルをファイル名まで入力してください。

3.上記手順終了後、Firewall Analyzerが起動します。